Scott Parris

Application Developer


2351 Jackson St #7
San Francisco, CA 94115


GitHub: stparris

Dynamic application developer with over 15 years experience designing, developing, integrating, and deploying applications across disparate platforms. Skilled in Ruby/Rails, Postgres, MySQL, Cloud Services, Front-End UIs (Javascript/jQuery/CSS/SCSS) and RESTful APIs


Core competency

Ruby/Rails, Postgres, MySQL, Javascript/jQuery/JSON, Bootstrap 4, HTML/CSS/SCSS, eCommerce


ReactJS, AWS/EC2/S3, DigitalOcean, Docker, Linux, Nginx, iCalendar, Objective-C, MongoDB, SNMP, PHP, Perl, Photoshop


Principal Developer

Environmental Clearinghouse, LLC July 2013 - Present

Prop 65 Clearinghouse: Designed, developed, and implemented a multi-tenant Rails/MySQL litigation and news application for court cases and news articles related to California's Proposition 65. Incorporated multifaceted subscription services to adapt varying business models. Website

CEI Today: Managed the technical acquisition of an existing PHP Joomla news website, successfully integrating 10+ years of news stories into the multi-tenant framework I developed for Prop 65. Website

Prop 65 Conferences: Incorporated the Clearinghouse's annual Conferences with backend configuration to manage front end registration in the Prop 65 app. Allows seamless integration between conference goers and their news subscriptions.

Green Chemistry/Tox Reports: Took a partly completed PHP/Yii MySQL news site to production, eventually rolling it into the Prop 65 multi-tenant app. Website

Principal Developer

Tap In Systems, Inc. 2008-Present

Played a lead role in development of Tap In's SaaS-based platform that integrates and automates Internet-based services. Projects include:

Internet of Things: Built an iOS app and a responsive website to support Tap In's IoT SaaS offering. (Utilized: Objective-C, JSON, Rails, MongoDB, Bootstrap 3)

Tap In Server: Developed a data grid event console with a tree navigation that displays events filtered by user-defined criteria. (Utilized: Ruby on Rails, MySQL, JS, and HTML/CSS.

Event Processor: Developed an API to process JSON events from an in-memory publish/subscribe bus. Events either matched or created monitor objects in a MySQL database. (Utilized: Perl, JSON, MySQL)

Medical Survey App Developer (Contractor)

Vital Score Health, Inc June 2017 - June 2018

Successfully developed and deployed HIPAA Compliant medical survey applications to waiting rooms in New York City's ACPNY clinics and Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. (Utilized: Rails, Postgres, MongoDB, JS/jQuery)

iOS Meme App Developer (Contractor)

The Bolde, February 2015 – August 2015

Developed an iOS meme sharing and message app. Incorporated persistent storage to archive favorites and message threads and leveraged caching to optimize user experience. (Utilized: Objective-C, JSON, Rails, SQLite) GitHub

SAP Hana App Developer (Contractor)

Forio/SAP July 2014 - November 2014

Successfully developed and deployed an AWS/EC2 application to manage registrations and trials of SAP Hana. (Utilized: Rails, MySQL, JS/jQuery)

GroundWork Monitor Principal Developer

Groundwork Open Source July 2004 - January 2008

Monarch: Designed, developed, and deployed a configuration management system for open source tools, primarily Nagios, to monitor network and server systems. As of November 2019, Monarch is still a core part of Groundwork Monitor's offering. (Utilized: Perl, MySQL, SNMP, JS/Ajax)


BS Business Administration/Economics

San Jose State University, San Jose California